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Tips to Writing an Expanding Dissertation Literature Review

Since a dissertation is a requirement for students pursuing a graduate degree, it should be one of the most significant papers. However, creating a comprehensive literature review can be complicated. This is because there is a wide spread of information that your supervisor will use to score you in the dissertation. Below is a guide to help you create an influential literature review in your dissertation.Properly Understand your Work The dissertation literature review must be clear. To find all the sources you need to add to your research, you will have to read and understand it. Once you understand it, start studying it to get all the relevant material needed. You should also start formulating questions that will help you understand the work of others. This study is essential because it enables you to identify gaps in knowledge and propose studies to fill them. It also enables you to identify weaknesses in other researchers’ works and prescribe something about how to fix it.Research After gathering all the necessary materials, you are free to start researching your literature review. One of the best places to start is to study the literature from specialists in the discipline. You will find that the collection of sources is not uniform. Hence, you should take your time to collect all the materials as they are vital to your research.Eliminate all the main points and form the main body The main aim of creating your literature review should be to highlight all the relevant points. While analyzing your subject matter, you should think of the gaps that exist. What are the significant problems that the study seeks to correct? Once you have completed your study, use it as the basis of writing the dissertation literature review.Work on each source Before you make any citations, ensure that you have first read the sources’ text and understood it. Once you have done that, then understand the required format for using the sources. Check with your supervisor to know which format works for a dissertation. The steps to follow should be as follows;Make a list of all the sources you have used List them down alphabetically.Include the title in the line Use boldface only when citing, unlike other examples.Conclude by listing the sources and presenting citations Create a list that is as long as the source. It helps you to follow each source, eliminating errors quickly.Finally, add a bibliography page and send the dissertation in.Create an authoritative article for your dissertation.

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